Suppose you are reading a book. Suppose you suddenly close your eyes, can you still see the book? "Of course not." you will say. But can you tell why? You would p1.say, "When I close my eyes, my eyesight cannot get out of my eyes to get to the book." Many others might give an explanation(解释) very much like the above. But this explanation is w2. .

You cannot see any object if light from that object doesn’t get i3.your eyes. Some of the things you see give off light of their own.

The sun, the star, a lighted lamp are examples that can be seen by their own light. Such things are luminous(发光的). Most of the things you see are not g4.off light of their own. They are simply reflecting(反射) light that falls on them from the sun or some other luminous bodies. The moon, for example, doesn't give off any light of i5. own. It's non-luminous. You see it because sunlight falls on it and some of it reflects in your direction. So moonlight is only second-hand sunlight.

When you look at a book, it sends to your eyes some of the light which falls on it, and you see the book. If light could be kept out from w6.you are, so that there would be no light for the book to reflect, then you could not see the book e 7.with your eyes wide open.

Light travels so fast that the time it t8.from the book to your eyes is so short as if there was none at all. Light r 9.us from the moon, which is about 380,000 kilometers away, in only a little more than a s10..


Teamwork is just as important in science as it is on the playing field or in the gym. Scientific investigations (调查) are almost always carried out by teams of people working together. Ideas are shared, experiments are designed, data are analyzed, and results are evaluated and shared with other investigators. Group work is necessary, and is usually more productive than working alone.

Several times throughout the year you may be asked to work with one or more of your classmates. Whatever the task your group is assigned, a few rules need to be followed to ensure a productive and successful experience.

What comes first is to keep an open mind, because everyone’s ideas deserve consideration and each group member can make his or her own contribution. Secondly, it makes a job easier to divide the group task among all group members. Choose a role on the team that is best suited to your particular strengths. Thirdly, always work together, take turns, and encourage each other by listening, clarifying, and trusting one another. Mutual (相互的)support and trust often makes a great difference.

Activities like investigations are most effective when done by small groups. Here are some more suggestions for effective team performance during these activities: Make sure each group member understands and agrees to the task given to him or her, and everyone knows exactly when , why and what to do; take turns doing various tasks during similar and repeated activities; be aware of where other group members are and what they are doing so as to ensure safety; be responsible for your own learning, though it is by no means unwise to compare your observations with those of other group members.

When there is research to be done, divide the topic into several areas, and this can explore the issue in a very detailed way. You are encouraged to keep records of the sources used by each person, which helps you trace back to the origin of the problems that may happen unexpectedly. A format for exchanging information (e.g., photocopies of notes , oral discussion, etc.) is also important, for a well-chosen method not only strengthens what you present but also makes yourself easily understood. When the time comes to make a decision and take a position on an issue, allow for the contributions of each member of the group. Most important of all, it is always wise to make decisions by compromise and agreement.

? After you’ve completed a task with your team, make an evaluation of the team’s effectiveness — the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.


Working Together


Effective performance needs highly cooperated 1.1..

General rules

Keep an open mind to everyone’s2.2..

Divide the group task among group members.

3.3. and trust each other.


● Understand and agree to the 5.5. task of one’s own.

● Take turns doing various tasks.

● Show concern for others to ensure safety.

● Take6.6. for one’s own learning.

● Compare your own observations with those of others.

Explore an issue 

● Break the7.7. into several areas.

● 8.8.the sources just in case.

● 9.9. your information with others via proper format.

● Make all decisions by compromise and agreement.

10.10. effectiveness

● Analyze the strengths and weaknesses.

● Find out the opportunities and challenges




Do you think telling lies, whether a little or a lot, isn’t that big of a deal? Well, that depends on the situation. If someone asks, “Does this dress make me look fat?” we might all lie somewhat. We might say, “Of course not. You look great.” Lying to spare someone’s feelings is one thing. Lying to destroy someone’s character or fame is another.

“What’s really terrible is that you can’t undo a big lie,” says a minister we’ll call Morgan. “I promise if you go house to house to say, ‘I feel terrible I wrongly accused my neighbor of stealing,’ the lie will spread like a fire fueled by gasoline. You can’t call back a lie very easily.”

Morgan goes on to say that lies have hurt people more than guns.

“We have a grandfather in our church whose former son-in-law told people the man treated his own children cruelly,” Morgan says. “To this day, we don’t know whether it is true or not. I would tend to doubt it, but I can’t take a chance, especially if he is working with young people in our church.”

Disarming someone who lies is tough. It’s like disarming someone who’s prepared to fire. That’s why our society is full of people who are forced to cover up the lies of other people.

“I worked with a man who was stealing money from our employer,” says a man we’ll call Fred. “He was so good at lying and doctoring the books (做假账) that it would have taken an FBI agent to stop him. I worried, ‘If I turned him in, and he got out of the trouble, my career at our company would come to an end.’”

Fred says he came up with a plan to drop hints (暗示) to the company owner. “I found printed materials on monitoring possibly dishonest employees. I started mailing them to the company owner without leaving my name. Then one day, over lunch, I told my boss he should have the books checked carefully. He got the hint.”

Fred told us that when the books were checked, the dishonest co-worker tried to blame him for the errors. However, Fred told the company owner he had been dropping hints for some time. The boss got the picture. Fred kept his job. The dishonest guy was fired.

Figuring out how to make a liar public takes work. It can be done, but you might have to move at the pace of a turtle. The slower you move, the more control you will have. You have to give others time to take in the truth.

1.The underlined phrase “spare someone’s feelings” in Paragraph 1 can be replaced by ??????? .

A. destroy someone’s feelings??? B. avoid hurting someone

C. put someone in a bad mood??? D. express someone’s ideas

2.Which of the following can be used to conclude Paragraph 2?

A. It’s no use crying over spilt milk.??? B. Every man has his faults.

C. There is no smoke without fire.??? D. Pride goes before a fall.

3.How does the author develop this passage?

A. By listing numbers.??? B. By making comparisons.

C. By giving examples.??? D. By following order of time.

4.What can we know from the passage?

A. It was true that the grandfather treated his own children cruelly.

B. It is not difficult to persuade a dishonest man into telling the truth.

C. Fred’s boss believed the dishonest employee’s words and fired Fred.

D. To make a liar public, we should figure out effective ways in advance.


several years ago a young priest(牧师) moved to London. He often took the bus from his home to the downtown area. One day, he went home by bus as usual. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had given him twenty pence too much change(零钱).As he________what to do, he thought to himself, "You'd better give the twenty pence back. It would be ____? to keep it." Then he thought, "Oh forget it, it's only twenty pence. Who would worry about this little ____ ? Anyway, the bus company already gets too much money; they will never miss it.______ it as a gift from God, and keep quiet."

When his stop came, the priest stopped at the door for a moment, then he handed the twenty pence back to the driver and said, "Here, you gave me too much change." he driver with a smile replied, "Aren't you the new priest in this area? I'm thinking about going to your______. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change."

When the young priest got ______the bus. his knees() became weak and soft. He had to hold the nearest tree for______, and looked up to the sky and said loudly, "Oh, God. I almost _______myself for twenty pence!"

We may never see what influence our ______have on people... What we need to provide is an example for others to see. Be careful of how you behave, and be _____ always: you never know who is watching your actions.

1.A. considered??? B. knew??? C. learned??? D. understood

2.A. right??? B. useful??? C. useless??? D. wrong

3.A. time??? B. amount??? C. value??? D. treasure

4.A. Buy??? B. Get??? C. Accept??? D. Find

5.A. church??? B. home??? C. school??? D. company

6.A. on??? B. up??? C. off??? D. through

7.A. shelte??? B. support??? C. strength??? D. struggle

8.A. paid??? B. blamed??? C. devoted??? D. sold

9.A. thoughts??? B. suggestions??? C. actions??? D. words

10.A. brave??? B. polite??? C. generous??? D. honest


—Dad, my kite is finished! Doing a DIY job is really fun.

???? ! Just wait for a windy day and see how high it can fly.

A. Never mind??? B. My pleasure

C. Well done??? D. No problem


Alice could see her grandmother doing some cooking????? the kitchen’s glass door.

A. across??? B. through??? C. over??? D. against


???? , Chinese mobile phones, like Huawei, have improved greatly.

—I agree. That’s why made-in-China products are more and more popular now.

A. In general??? B. In all

C. In the end??? D. In the beginning


The Summer Palace __________ a hill and a man-made lake.

A. main consist of??? B. consists mainly? of??? C. is mainly consists of??? D. is consists mainly of


Korea lies ______ Asia, It’s __________ the northeast of China and __________ the west of Japan.

A. In, to, on??? B. in,on,to??? C. on,in, to??? D. to ,on,in


---Do you find __________ tiring to climb the Great Wall yesterday?

--- Yes, __________ was too hard to climb it

A. it ,that??? B. that, it??? C. it, it??? D. /,that


---The light in the room is still on. Do you know_______?

---In order to prepare for the coming exam.

A. if he works hard??? B. why he stays up late

C. why is he so busy??? D. when he will stop working


Father doesn’t tell me when he __________ . I will call you as soon as __________.

A. will come, comes??? B. will come, will come??? C. comes ,will come??? D. comes ,comes


While I was speaking ,the boy in black __________ his hand and asked me if the price of these books had __________ a lot.

A. rose,? risen??? B. rasied, risen??? C. rose, raised??? D. raised ,raised


With all his effort , he __________ to stop the fire burning the whole house.

A. tried??? B. managed??? C. succeeded??? D. wanted


__________ work he has done! He is always successful.

A. What an excellent??? B. What excellent??? C. How excellent??? D. How an excellent


--- I called you at half past nine this morning ,but there was no answer .

--- Oh, sorry, I __________ with my cousin in the supermarket.

A. shopping??? B. was shopping??? C. shopped??? D. will shop


Lucy, together with her two brothers ,often __________ to the park on Sundays.

A. go??? B. goes??? C. are going??? D. is going


I __________ the MP3 player since two years ago.

A. bought??? B. Have bought??? C. have??? D. have had


When was __________ umbrella __________ ?

A. /; invented??? B. a ; discovered??? C. an, discovered??? D. the, invented



根据下面提供的有关海伦·凯勒的经历以及你对她的了解, 写一篇有关她的英语文章。80词左右。提示:

6 months old—can say a few words

19 months old—be badly ill;can't see, hear or talk

6 years old—have a teacher, learn to read through her hands

grow up—become a writer, the first book—The Story of My Life








Betty's grandfather's life was ________ ________ Betty's.


We should ________ ________ each other.


Did you ride a bike to school ________ ________ ________ ________ eight?


What was the most popular ________ ________ ________

5.他离开帐篷, 开始走入森林。

He ________ the tent and ________ ________ ________ into the forest.


补全对话, 有两项多余

A:Morning, Kate.

B:Morning, Zhang Ya.


B:I read a book.


B:Tiny Times 1.


B:Yes. The writer, Guo Jingming, is my favourite Chinese writer.

A:You're right. And he made a movie called Tiny Times 1 in 2013.

B:I know. 4.

A:I read Tiny Times 2 and Tiny Times 3. They are also wonderful!

B:5.I think I will love them.

A:It is very popular.

B:When was he born?

C:I bought them from the bookshop yesterday.

D:What did you do last night?

E:Did he marry?

F:I watched it and I loved it very much.

G:What kind of book did you read?


Oscar Wilde was born on 16th October, 1854. He wrote many plays, poems and short stories. The Selfish Giant(《自私的巨人》)is one of the most famous short stories for children.

There was a giant in the village. (A)He had a garden with a lot of trees, flowers and birds. The children in the village liked playing in the garden. But the giant wanted to keep (B)them out and built a big wall. (C)Spring came, but the garden stayed quiet and cold with the snow. The giant was sad and lonely. Then the children made a hole in the wall. And the sun, flowers and birds came back here where they played. This time the giant asked them to stay in the garden. He was very happy with his little friends.

根据短文内容, 按要求完成下列任务。








What did Oscar Wilde do?

A. A doctor.??? B. A teacher.

C. A writer.??? D. A farmer.


Is The Selfish Giant a short story?



Mary was an operator(接线员) of 911 in Los Angeles. One Thursday morning, she was surprised to get a call from a little girl. She said, “Mum my ill, Mum my ill, ”again and again. Mary soon found the address of the call. She called the police. In a minute, the policemen and doctors arrived at the house. They broke the door open. They couldn't believe their eyes. The little child was so young that maybe she could not walk!She was sitting beside her mother and holding her mother's hand. Tears were running down her face.

The doctors gave the woman some medicine and soon she woke up. Later, she told people, “Everyone was surprised that my daughter could call 911. On Monday I tried to teach her how to call 911, but she couldn't do it. ”Mary was surprised, too. “It's the first time that I have seen a two-year-old child call 911. ”

1.What did the girl really want to say?

A. “Mum, I'm ill. ”??? B. “My mum is ill. ”

C. “Mum and I are ill. ”??? D. “You are ill. ”

2.How did the policemen feel when they got into the room?

A. Strange.??? B. Normal.

C. Surprised.??? D. Angry.

3.How did the policemen get into the room?

A. By breaking the door.??? B. With the girl's help.

C. Through the window.??? D. With the mother's help.

4.What does the underlined word“it”mean?

A. 911.??? B. Calling 911.

C. Walking.??? D. Speaking.

5.What can we learn from the passage?

A. The little girl was so clever that she could call 911 when she was 2.

B. The love for her mother created the miracle(奇迹).

C. The mother knew she had to teach the little girl how to call 911.

D. Mary was a policewoman.


Chi Li is one of the best-known Chinese writers. She was __________ in the 1950s. __________ 19, Chi entered a medical college in 1976. After she graduated, she __________ as a doctor at a hospital in Wuhan. As she loved _________ much more, she __________to Wuhan University to study Chinese language and literature __________1983. She chose __________ as her profession(专业).

During the 1980s, Chi wrote many works full __________ love. In the 1990s, her works, such as Apart From Love and The Sun Was Born, were __________lives of young people and everyday problems. Since 2003, Chi has __________ a higher level in her works. And many of her novels have received a __________ honor. Life Show is one of her representative(有代表性的) works and __________ has been translated into many languages. The __________ shows the real life of a common woman in Wuhan.

Chi says, “Writers don't need to be anyone, _________ they should be able to understand everyone. ”So she often travels __________to get a feel of how the world is and tries to understand people from all social strata(阶层).

1.A. bear??? B. live??? C. born??? D. lived

2.A. At the age of??? B. At the moment??? C. In the beginning??? D. In the end

3.A. became??? B. worked??? C. enjoyed??? D. become

4.A. medicine??? B. travelling??? C. literature??? D. travel

5.A. go??? B. gone??? C. goes??? D. went

6.A. on??? B. for??? C. since??? D. in

7.A. teaching??? B. writing??? C. nursing??? D. reading

8.A. with??? B. for??? C. in??? D. of

9.A. over??? B. under??? C. about??? D. on

10.A. reached??? B. arrived??? C. went??? D. reach

11.A. great??? B. nice??? C. bad??? D. good

12.A. she??? B. they??? C. it??? D. them

13.A. picture??? B. story??? C. newspaper??? D. play

14.A. or??? B. till??? C. but??? D. and

15.A. alone??? B. lonely??? C. single??? D. double


Mr. Wang ________us English last year.

A. taught??? B. teach

C. teaches??? D. teached


—What's the news about?

—Here is today's ________. You can read it and learn about some news in it.

A. book??? B. newspaper

C. computer??? D. play


________ comes after September and before November in a year.

A. July??? B. April

C. March??? D. October


Are you reading the book Romeo and Juliet ________ Shakespeare?

A. for??? B. with

C. by??? D. as


Joy ________ David in 2011.

A. married with??? B. married to

C. married??? D. got married


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